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Immigration to Australia Consultants

With sunny beaches, vibrant cities and a welcoming culture, Australia is one of the world's most coveted migration destinations. Qualified professionals from all over the world flock to Australia for its high quality of life and stable economic prospects.

Immigration to Australia Experts

Australia's pioneering immigration department has streamlined the application process to reduce processing time. However, a complete and accurate application package is essential to take advantage of this. With a dedicated team for Immigration to Australia, IEI Consultants has the knowledge and experience to help you submit an application with the greatest chance of success. Our team of certified professionals at our office can evaluate your application and help you submit it with confidence.

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Life in Australia:

Australia offers a high standard of living to its citizens. All cities are very well connected via transport routes. Immigrants can travel freely and comfortably in Australia. For those who love to eat, the country offers world-class restaurants with a wide range of options. Australia offers high standard accommodation at reasonable prices compared to other countries. Australia provides unrestricted labor rights to spouses of skilled workers sponsored with both temporary and permanent entry visas. There is no maximum limit on the number of visas that can be granted to newsletter professionals and other qualified migrants using the temporary entry program. Australia has more flexible and fluid temporary entry arrangements than other countries. After obtaining a temporary visa and staying in Australia for some time, it is easier for an applicant to obtain a permanent visa. Skilled workers, students, entrepreneurs and pleasure seekers reap several benefits of migrating to Australia. The country offers high quality accommodation and lifestyle to immigrants. Students wishing to pursue higher education consider Australia to be the most suitable and feasible destination. So many benefits attract many immigrants to Australia from different countries.

Flexible immigration rules

Down Under offers unlimited employment rights to trained employees sponsored with permanent and temporary entry visas. There is no limit to the number of visas that may be available to professionals and other qualified immigrants using the temporary entry program. Kangaroo Land also boasts relatively more flexible and streamlined temporary entry arrangements compared to other nations. Those with temporary master visas are generally able to properly apply for most of the country's permanent visas.

Job opportunities

Australia has many opportunities for skilled and unskilled jobs. This is why Australia attracts a high percentage of immigrants from all over the world. When comparing working conditions with other countries, Australia is unique in terms of employee experiences and employer responsibilities. There are opportunities for professionals in the information technology industry, service industry, banking, hospitality industry, medical services and many other professions. Even the mining industry and the natural resource industry are experiencing a boom that is creating new opportunities in the related sector. The service sector today represents 75% of employment, industry 21% and agriculture just over 3.5%. To work in Australia, applicants must be over 18 and under 45, have a good command of the English language and have recent qualifying work experience. The permanent visa is for people with necessary skills in the Australian job market. Applicants are not sponsored, but must pass a test. The current points required are 65.

Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim CEO of IEIC is accredited by PIER, ICEF, BRITISH COUNCIL and NAFSA for our enormous contribution to the education industry. Accomplished solid history of success ratio in obtaining of understudy visas for UK, Australia, Canada, USA, China, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Cyprus, Italy & Germany. As a lawful expert & an enrolled proficient counselor taking part in all the training sessions at various high commissions to stay abreast of the latest visa rules and are accustomed to changes as and when they are implemented. Submit your Immigration to Australia case with him.

Muhammad Ibrahim

(CEO & Chairman)