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PTE at IEI Consultants offers you a best preparations in Islamabad. Easy method qualified coaches free lab & wifi access. Free material for PTE preparations.

About PTE Academic

The PTE Academic Exam is a computer-based English Language Examination approved by universities across the world. Students, working professionals or anyone who wishes to travel overseas to study or migrate to a big English-speaking country must take the PTE Academic exam to show their English-speaking abilities.

PTE Preparing

The three-hour computer-based exam emphasizes English day-to-day rather than moderate English and examines a student’s ability to understand the language spoken every day accurately. The multi-level rating system enables a better grasp of the student’s English language proficiency.

We Prepare You for

The PTE Exam modules usually cover 4 types of tests which include Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.





Why take PTE?

So you want to take an English test soon? If so, PTE may be a good choice for you. So why choose PTE? First of all, it is recognized by many universities, colleges and governments around the world. The UK, US, Australia and New Zealand are among the few countries that accept PTE. It is also approved by the Australian Department of Immigration for the purpose of migration or study abroad. So you can get your score and you will be accepted in the universities or countries you want to move to. In addition, PTE has very fair and consistent grading schemes, especially in the speech and writing sections. So if you are a student who has had difficulty getting scores on the speech or writing sections in other English tests.