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One of the most sought after educational destinations, Canada is a country of knowledge and progress. Included in the list of the best countries for its quality of life, the country Canada opens its arms to people from all over the world. Lets Apply for Study in Canada in Islamabad.

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Canadian Institutions

Research universities and professional institutions offer tertiary education in Canada. Studying in Canada for Pakistani students is possible through a wide range of courses that offer degrees at the bachelor, master, professional and doctoral levels. Universities offer students the opportunity to take courses that offer master’s degrees and certificates. Business institutions allow students to pursue programs that offer associate degrees, certificates, diplomas, and even internships.

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There are many benefits to studying in Canada: Students can learn from intellectual faculties, interact culturally and experience world-class education at a cheaper cost compared to the UK and US. Canada was chosen by around 70,000 students as a preferred educational destination and, globally, ranks third in attracting students from abroad. The number of students enrolled in the Canadian education system has tripled over the decade.

Work while studying

One of the important benefits for international students in Canada is that students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during their stay in Canada. They do not have to apply for a separate work permit, and during summer and semester holidays they have to work full time. Finding a job in Canada while studying is easy because students can find work in any field, regardless of their field of study. Working while studying helps students gain international work experience, build a good network, meet their basic needs and learn money management before graduation.

Diversified Courses

Educational institutions offer various programs to study in Canada for international students. Students from all over the world come to Canada in search of higher education opportunities. Canadian universities offer more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional degrees and certificate courses. Students may also choose to pursue various programs such as degrees, diplomas, certificate programs, short courses, etc. in all industries which include; telecommunications, agriculture, information technology, medicine, business studies, environmental science, agriculture, fisheries, paramedical technology and others.

Mr. Mohammad Ibrahim CEO of IEIC is accredited by PIER, ICEF, BRITISH COUNCIL and NAFSA for our enormous contribution to the education industry. Accomplished solid history of success ratio in obtaining of understudy visas for UK, Australia, Canada, USA, China, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Cyprus, Italy & Germany. As a lawful expert & an enrolled proficient counselor taking part in all the training sessions at various high commissions to stay abreast of the latest visa rules and are accustomed to changes as and when they are implemented.

Muhammad Ibrahim

(CEO & Chairman)

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